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In the late 1950s my parents built Morning Star Mobile Village, a mobile home community located along the St. Lawrence River in Northern New York State, six miles east of Ogdensburg. It was initially conceived as a community to serve construction workers building the St. Lawrence Seaway. During its construction, in fact, a number of Seaway and Corps of Engineers workers commuted to and from work each day by use of the dock on our waterfront. The "trailer park" also serviced short term guests and tourists in travel trailers.

The business name was chosen by my mother in honor of the Blessed Virgin -- "Mary, the Morning Star who lights our way." She believed that honoring Mary in this way would help guide her and my father as they built their new business. The strategy apparently worked. The business thrived for nearly half a century, as long as it remained in the family.

Over the years, "trailers" grew much larger and became permanent fixtures -- instead of something one pulled behind their car or truck. My parents were excited by the possiblities in mobile homes providing comfortable and affordable housing, and so became deeply involved in the industry. The business expanded into sales, under the corporate name Morning Star Homes, Inc., and ultimately became the largest -- and longest lived -- mobile and modular home dealership in New York State.

When my parents retired from the business, my brother continued its expansion, and maintained a legacy of providing quality affordable housing to many hundreds of families throughout northern New York State.

I was among the early adopters to the new phenomenon that would become the Internet and the World Wide Web. In the 1990s I built a website to promote Morning Star Homes while the business was under my brother's control. The website was among the earliest to promote the manufactured housing industry. When I moved from the area, my son continued to maintain the website for my brother.

Morning Star Homes was a thriving business when my brother retired and sold it to another local family well established in the automobile business. This seemed the best way for the family business to continue after my brother's retirement, as the rest of our family were otherwise occupied. But selling homes is a very different business than selling cars. Sadly, Morning Star Homes, as a manufactured housing dealership, closed its doors a few years after the sale.

The "village" that my parents built continues today as a permanent residential community hosting a number of mobile and modular homes.

When the dealership was closed, my son and I retained ownership of the domain name. But since Morning Star Homes is not presently a growing business, the operation has little need of an Internet marketing website. Hence, the domain name is now For Sale.

The business name is a great one, as is the domain name, both particularly suited to an organization involved in quality residential development, construction, and sales. This truth is attested to not only by the tradition established by my family, but by the fact that there are several businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada that have adopted similar names.

The domain name worked for many years to support a thriving business, and became synonomous with affordable quality housing. I would like to see this valuable Internet property put back to work, doing again what it once did so well for my family.

If you have adopted the MorningStar name for your business, perhaps it is now time to also adopt the domain name. If you are interested in acquiring this valuable asset to guide your housing or home building business to prosperity, I am anxious to see the domain go to a new owner. I am open to negotiate mutually acceptable terms. If needed, my son and I may also be available to provide website development and Internet marketing services as a part of the transaction.

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